Top 10 Design Trends for 2017

Trends…Trends…Trends.  We know trends come and go but here’s to 2017.  Love it or Leave it?.  Every year we wait with anticipation of what’s the next big home decor or textile that will grace the shelves of our popular furniture and home decor stores.  As a designer, I look at trends lightly and will use them sparingly based on a clients design.

1. Terracotta is back…from adorning walls to floors in a matte finish

2. Cork is showing up on walls in homes-great for an office or command center

3. Jewel tones like dark green and Moroccan colors will be HOT for 2017

4. Metallic’s and Lucite continue to be a trend…as much as we love marble, it’s taking a back seat just like rose gold and copper

5. The olive tree is taking center stage over the fiddle fig tree

6. Upholstered headboards are big for 2017-A MUST HAVE

7. Escapism is becoming more and more prevalent. Instead of an open floor concept, many consumers want areas they can escape to and relax without noise and smells that occur with an open floor concept

8. Natural elements continue to play a big factor in the home-jute, wicker, embroidery, knitting and crotchet decor from poufs to pillows will be offered

9. Wallpaper continues to play a big role in transforming a room for 2017

10. Subway tile as classic as it is, designers are over it and have moved onto prints and shapes. Hexagon and vertical installation of tiles are a hit for 2017